About Us

Westside Football Club

The purpose of the Westside Football Club is to provide personal, team and financial support to Capital High Bruin Football. Westside Football has been a long time supporter of Capital High School Bruin Football.  Past years have seen the Bruins play in many exciting games and many of their players go on to bigger and better things. 

During those years Westside Football has been a constant supporter of Capital High School Football.  We have assisted in providing new gear such as helmets for player safety, pants, jerseys, and shoulder pads. For many years the Bruins have played extended seasons which means the equipment wears out at a faster rate than some programs. 

Please join us in continuing this support for the program and providing our players with equipment that is being maintained and safe to use.

Thank you for your continued and generous support.

Westside Football!  Go Bru!