Get Involved!

Families Make Bruin Football A SUCCESS!

Every Bruin Player can't succeed without the core strength of families and volunteers like you to continue the tradition of Bruin Football. Some volunteering for committees to raise funds for equipment the school district can't afford, other committees help out with the communication and celebration of the football program. Here are a few committees that may interest you and only need a couple hours to help. For more information  contact your class president or email us at

BruCru Club at Lewis and Clark Brewery

Every Tuesday during the season Coaches and Parents meet to review game film from the previous week and talk about the upcoming game. Chili's is the tentative location for the 2017 season. The coordinator of this event will confirm the location for each week and be willing to bring a laptop the coaches can use to display on the projector.  

Write Newspaper Articles

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Bruin Bar Thursdays

Can't cook? Neither can we but Bruin Bars are very easy! Every Thursday during the season a parent or group of parents are asked to make and bring Bruin Bars at lunch to the players (or have your Bruin bring them to school). Contact your class president if you are interested in making some for the Bruins!  

Senior Night

The last regular season home game is Senior Night. This is where we celebrate our seniors with a small ceremony before warm ups and a picture of the senior with their family members are taken to preserve their time for being a bruin. The Senior and Junior class work together on this night to make it special for the Senior and their family to remember for eternity.  

Bear Paws

Bear paws are painted by a parent committee and are excellent to show your Bruin Pride on your house with a Bruin Bear Paw painted on your window with your player number in the middle. Templates are available. Committees are asked to donate time, sponge brushes, and paint. Contact your class president for more information.